deepsolute's is a team of AI professionals that specialize in taking AI models and bringing them to massive scale. We specialize in taking the world's problems and applying our AI solutions to massive scaleTim FoxMark Kerzner

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About Deepsolute

Deepsolute is a new way of collecting and processing information. It is scalable, stable, and smart - that is, AI-driven.

Who needs Deepsolute?


Deepsolute helps policymakers make data-driven decisions based on AI.


Deepsolute supports AI in healthcare for data-driven patient outcomes.


Deepsolute's experience in financial prediction models lead to more accurate forecasting.

Advantages of Deepsolute



Deepsolute has experience in taking and scaling AI models to massively parallel scale.



We have improved methods of more accurate information extraction from Computer Vision and NLP models.

Cloud Friendly

Cloud Friendly

We support hypbrid and multi-cloud solutions on AWS, GCP, Azure and on-prem.


Tim Fox
tim@elephantscale.comDeepsoluteAi practitionerlecturer and researcher focused on scalable AIMark Kerzner

AI practitioner, lecturer and researcher focused on scalable AI

Mark Kerzner
mark@elephantscale.comDeepsoluteAI Architect and ImplementorTim Fox

AI Architect and Implementor

Bob Kraft
bob@elephantscale.comDeepsolutePhD. Data Scientist and AI Architect.Bob Kraft

PhD. Data Scientist and AI Architect.

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